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Become a Club member and buy at wholesale prices!

You don’t know how and where to get Coral Club products with a 20% discount?

You don’t know what products to use?

You need help or a consultation?

We will help you out!

Attention! The first order should be no less than 16 euros.

4 simple steps to help you become a fully included member of Coral Club!

Step 1 – Registration

Sign up for free.

Step 2 – Getting your buyer’s code

You will receive an email with your Club member ID and the link of the e-shop of the manufacturer.

Step 3 – Joining the e-shop

Using your Club member ID, log in to the e-shop of the manufacturer and buy goods with a 20% discount.
Delivery methods – DPD or DHL.

Step 4 – Consultations

If you happen to have any questions, you can always reach out to your personal consultation who is ready to help anytime!

Coral Club – worth joining and buying products with a 20% discount!

If you already have a recommendation from someone – go to the person who recommended Coral Club to you, in order to get your club member ID.

By choosing us, you are going to receive every bit of useful information and help regarding getting your club member ID, production consumption and orders.

Payment by card or bank transfer is accepted.


REGISTRATION allows you to buy products at wholesale prices or with a 20% discount!


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We are Coral Club distributors.

If you are unaware of what exactly ‘Coral Club is’, we have a very simple answer. Our club is a huge and immensely diverse community of people that encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Coral Club is always happy to accept new, likely-minded people!

Benefits for you

  • A broad range of products – around 250 uniques
  • GMP international quality standard
  • Free signup
  • Help and consultations
  • Exclusive products
  • Products can be shipped to 190 countries
  • Coral Club products are licensed in Lithuania, the EU and the US
  • Business opportunities

By signing up and by getting your Club member ID, you will definitely not be alone. You will connect and get to know your personal advisor/consultant who can answer your questions about product usage or be helpful by assisting the setup of your ‘Bonus’ (additional earnings) account. Coral Club is the place to find the right solutions for your wellbeing and to change your lifestyle.

Coral Club can offer almost 250 unique products. All of them are aimed at healthy and active lifestyle. For inner and outer harmony and synergy, Coral Club production is just perfect!

Lifestyle – a word that fits best when trying to describe the attitude and lifestyle which we want to broadcast to our consumers. Lifestyle is a new way for you and your day. We want to familiarise as many people with it, so its benefits can be widespread and everyone would know about its benefits.

The concept of ‘Lifestyle’ will answer most of your questions!

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